House plants are native to warm tropical climates and have been adapted as indoor plants in houses and offices for many years. We know that plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through photosynthesis. According to a Study of Clean Air through NASA, some plants we use indoors also remove pollutants within your home. 


Not only do some plants purify the air, they also help to boost your mood and add life to any room in your home or office!

Indoor Plants (4" Pot)

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  • Remember to reduce water during winter months, as many plants are not actively growing. Also, always water on top of the soil (not foliage). Never put indoor plants outside directly in full sun, as the leaves can easily get scorched. They need to transition slowly, so somewhere shady is a good start, then incrementally move them in more sun if they require it.


    Tip: The more color a plant has the more likely it will want to be placed in brighter light to retain its color.

  • Rubber Plant (burgundy & variegated) - Bright, indirect light. Low light will lead to less vibrant color. Rubber plants do not like to be overly wet.

    Prayer Plant (lemon lime) - Bright sunlight, will not tolerate direct sun. Prayer plants are known to open their leaves in the morning and close them at night. This plant does not like to be dry and loves humidity. Perfect for a bathroom setting.

    Peperomia (watermelon) - Medium to bright light, colors will fade under direct light. Watermelon peperomia will enjoy a little extra humidity.

    Philodendron silver satin - Medium to bright indirect light.