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Surround Yourself with Inspirational Beauty


Creative Gardens is here to help you create and design great sustainable arrangements for the season. We assess every potential client on an individual basis. These arrangements bring the best of nature to your business or your outdoor living space.


Creative Gardens can give your containers a “Head Start” by assembling your containers in early spring and allowing them to grow in a heated green house until it is time to display them outdoors. These containers will be fuller and more vibrant earlier in the season. Creative Gardens can also provide on-site support at your business or home.


We also can revitalize an older garden and bring color to your yard or business all season long. As the seasons change, so do the options at Creative Gardens. We do containers for all seasons and during the Holidays, Creative Gardens can design a festive Holiday wreath, porch pot or centerpiece.

We would love to talk to you about your needs to bring natural beauty to your business or home!


We can't wait

to work with you.

Jamie Snyder - Owner of Creative Gardens

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